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Report Bugs

If you find an issue working with QGIS, please

so developers can check and fix it.

Participate in Support Channels

There are several

you can use to get help from fellow users and developers, or to keep up with current project events. You are welcome to subscribe to any of the lists. Please remember to contribute to the list by answering questions and sharing your experiences.

For the full list see

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Document QGIS

The QGIS project aims to provide clear documentation concerning a User guide, GIS concepts, and training material. Writing documentation provides an ideal platform for your first contribution to the project. If you want to join to the documentation effort, you can find a gentle introduction and guidelines here:

Translate QGIS

The QGIS project provides a gentle GIS introduction, a User Guide, a Coding and Compilation Guide and a API Documentation in english and in some cases also translated into several foreign languages. If you are interested in getting involved with the documentation effort, e.g. translating the english manual into another language, learn how to get started here:

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Develop a Plugin

Want to write your own Python plugin? Go here: Developing Python plugins

Want to develop a C++ plugin? Go here: Developing CPP plugins.

A wide range of great plugins exist for QGIS via the QGIS Plugin web portal.

Develop QGIS Core

QGIS Core consists on the one hand of the libraries enabling you to build custom tailored application by providing a powerful API. On the other hand it consists of a desktop and server application which expose the possibilities offered by the libraries, offering a user friendly interface.

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